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Oh Dier Takes a Bite of the Big Apple

Katie DohmanComment

Wow, big news here at OD HQ:

We’re gonna be at NY NOW! For the uninitiated, NY NOW is a gigundo—by that we mean tens of thousands, the absolute largest—gift/retail buying trade show in the U.S.

That’s a lot of vendors, peeps. That’s a whole lot of buyers, and we suspect, whole lot of media types. That’s a whole lotta LOTS.

Thrillingly, we were accepted as part of the group that Etsy Wholesale will represent in their handmade pavilion, alongside 20 other Etsy sellers. We’re honored to help represent the Etsy brand, our own brand, make new Etsy friends, and finally meet some friends we’ve only communicated with online up to this point.

We’ve loved and been friendly with the amazing people behind AHeirloom, and we love the very curated, editorial-friendly, highly well-made mix of people and products the Etsy masterminds have put together alongside our two shops:

Ceramics from Romi Ceramics; Elizabeth Benotti Handmade Ceramics; Jill Zeidler Ceramic Art; ashware. 

The jewelry of  Cold Gold; Diamonds are Evil; Voz Collective; The Vagabond Queen.

Gifts and textiles by Twill & Print; Almanac Industries; Year Round Co.; Fullgive Leather.

Stationery designed by Paula & Waffle; Native Bear; The Vintage Vogue; Worthwhile Paper.

Basically, we want everything these talented and hardworking artisans make.

So now we’re in the throes of getting ready. SO much to prepare. So much excitement. So little time.

This is a huge moment for Oh Dier. We’re ready to take our big bite. Wish us luck!

Oh Dier X West Elm

Katie DohmanComment

Oooh, it feels good to write that headline. Oh Dier and West Elm in the same breath.

We’ve been fans of West Elm’s vintage-inspired-meets-modern-décor for a lonnnng time. Before they were a brick and mortar in a Minneapolis suburb, Katie used to wait for the catalogs to arrive in the mail and sit down with a cup of coffee and soak in the inspiration.

Then the store came to Edina, and in the meantime, William had built Oh Dier into the living, breathing thing it is today, and we were called to bring some items in for a wedding-fair-esque event celebrating the passage of marriage equality in the state of Minnesota (it’s since gone national—hooray!). We were only too happy to oblige, and heard many touching tales of amazing weddings and marriages that day.  Our favorite was an older couple who were so proud of their son and his ability to be seen as an equal in the eyes of the law; we couldn’t help but get a little misty with them as they planned the wedding in-store.

Fast forward to now, when our products are featured on the shelves alongside West Elm’s lovely goods. We are thrilled to be a part of West Elm Local—which also includes local makers such as Marvin Freitas and Fringe & Fettle Ceramics—and to celebrate at the launch party tonight!


6–9 p.m. West Elm, 3879 Gallagher Dr., Edina, 952-835-8332, westelm.com

Fourth of July

Katie DohmanComment

When this summer began, we ventured out into the backyard. Filled up the water table. Unearthed the shovels and buckets and boats. Ruby would tentatively check with in: “Can I touch this? Can I step in this puddle? Uh-oh…this is muddy… Um, I just got all wet!”

To which we would cheerily reply, “That’s OK! That’s what summer is for!”

It occurred to me, at some point, that summer is all about bending the rules. It’s not just the climate that makes us feel better. It’s the chance that we can go a little crazy—and in the words of Seal, “We’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy!”

Bedtime gets later, because blackout shades only do so much for that circadian rhythm, now set to 10 p.m. sunsets. Did you just have a hot-dog bun and some backyard raspberries for dinner? Oh well! William can sneak away for a few mountain bike rides or we eschew the kitchen table (or, being totally honest, our desks) for the front steps to eat our lunches or dinners.

She was thrilled by our response, and you know what? So was I. Summer is meant to be enjoyed, almost down to a visceral level. Watermelon juice running down your arms. Soft sand and cold water lapping at your toes. Squinty eyes from bright sunbeams. Warm skin and hair, combined with the scent of sunscreen—it’s intoxicating. There’s something deliciously rebellious about summer.

Every year, we venture north to my parents’ cabin—where, incidentally, I learned the art of summer rule-breaking—and bringing our children has been another level of awesome. Watching Ruby wade into the ice-cold lake, chase frogs, dig blissfully in the sand… she never asked for “toons” once, or melted down over a trivial slight.

There’s something about all that fresh air, the way the outdoors can excite the imagination and melt off stress. Eating grilled ribs and corn on the cob and watermelon and salad while still in a swimsuit. Venturing a breathtaking dip—literally—in the lake, cruising around in the boat to spy on the eagle’s nest…

These are the priceless moments, the ones we hope she (and eventually, Remy) remembers forever. To be a good steward of the environment, to get out and move your body, to take risks and get dirty, and to tumble into bed at night and fall asleep to the sound of loons calling. 

Why We Give

Katie DohmanComment

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. ... We need not wait to see what others do.” —Mahatma Ghandi

Something is new at Oh Dier, and it’s really, really important.

We often say we want you to love the place you live—and while we initially were referring to home décor, we have also come to mean that we believe everyone has the absolute right to a safe and loving home. We’ve been haunted by the frequency of domestic violence stories we hear—and we decided it’s time for us to do something about this epidemic.

To that end, we decided—even with two little ones at home and two entrepreneur parents at the helm—that we would donate 20 percent of our profits to help put an end to a vicious, ugly cycle.

After some research we came to the conclusion that there was no better organization to donate our hard-earned cash to than the storied Tubman, a domestic violence organization based in Minneapolis and St. Paul that’s been around for nearly half a century, providing a safe harbor for more than 30,000 women, youth, men, and families who have experienced relationship violence, sexual assault and exploitation, elder abuse, addiction, and other forms of trauma each year. Additionally, they do public information campaigns that reach more than 20,000 people each year.

Tubman’s impact on the community and the breadth and depth of their services is truly astonishing—we encourage you to take a look at what they do, make a donation, or find a cause of your own to support wherever you are.

Because we don’t need to hear another story of abuse. We don’t have to tolerate it. But we DO have to do something about it. We’re all responsible for a beautiful, safe, peaceful, loving world. Be the change. Join us, won’t you?