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Oh Dier Takes a Bite of the Big Apple

Katie DohmanComment

Wow, big news here at OD HQ:

We’re gonna be at NY NOW! For the uninitiated, NY NOW is a gigundo—by that we mean tens of thousands, the absolute largest—gift/retail buying trade show in the U.S.

That’s a lot of vendors, peeps. That’s a whole lot of buyers, and we suspect, whole lot of media types. That’s a whole lotta LOTS.

Thrillingly, we were accepted as part of the group that Etsy Wholesale will represent in their handmade pavilion, alongside 20 other Etsy sellers. We’re honored to help represent the Etsy brand, our own brand, make new Etsy friends, and finally meet some friends we’ve only communicated with online up to this point.

We’ve loved and been friendly with the amazing people behind AHeirloom, and we love the very curated, editorial-friendly, highly well-made mix of people and products the Etsy masterminds have put together alongside our two shops:

Ceramics from Romi Ceramics; Elizabeth Benotti Handmade Ceramics; Jill Zeidler Ceramic Art; ashware. 

The jewelry of  Cold Gold; Diamonds are Evil; Voz Collective; The Vagabond Queen.

Gifts and textiles by Twill & Print; Almanac Industries; Year Round Co.; Fullgive Leather.

Stationery designed by Paula & Waffle; Native Bear; The Vintage Vogue; Worthwhile Paper.

Basically, we want everything these talented and hardworking artisans make.

So now we’re in the throes of getting ready. SO much to prepare. So much excitement. So little time.

This is a huge moment for Oh Dier. We’re ready to take our big bite. Wish us luck!